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Please provide as much information as possible so we can confirm you are a trading locksmith or member of the security services. Please provide your business email address and business phone number that shows up in a google search as belonging to your locksmith company and as much information as possible for verification purposes. We only accept UK and Northern Ireland applications as we do not ship to any other country at present.


If we cannot establish you have a genuine need to see videos and locksmith tools your application will be deleted.

If you haven't heard back within 48 hours your application has failed the security checks and been deleted.

We have so many applications from property maintenance companies and people who just think that they can apply and be accepted its almost funny. Every application is investigated and checked. A basic test is does your mobile number show up on google as belonging to a locksmith? If not then how do you expect customers to find you?? Application deleted...

Check your email spam folder incase your confirmation email ends up there.

If you are unable to satisfy these criteria then you can still order tools through SKS or Aldridge Security using your existing accounts.

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