Restricted Keys

Who Has Access to Your Locks ?

What is a Restricted Key System ?

A Restricted Key System utilizes patent protected keys and lock cores to restrict access to your building/complex and stop unauthorized duplication.

The special patented keys are only available to GJ Locks (i.e. you won''t find them at the local Hardware or Key Cutter shop) and details about who is authorized to have them duplicated are recorded by your locksmith.

GJ Locks will not cut a duplicate key without a letter/order signed by one of the Signatories for your system.  This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing how many keys are in circulation at any one time.

An example of the benefits of a restricted key system is a Property Letting Agent. If all your properties are fitted with restricted keys then you have control over how many keys exist. If you give the tenant two keys when they move in and they give you these two keys back when they leave, you know that these are the only keys that exist for that property as it''s impossible for the tenant to have copied these keys.

You therefore know the property is secure for the next tenant that moves in. And there is no need for the expense of changing the locks every time a tenant leaves.

Simple, Smart and Cost Effective.

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